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So lately I have been yielding to the impulse of putting down my paint brush and picking up a crochet hook or set of knitting needles instead. I am trying to convince myself that it is not wasted time, seeing as I do have an art show on the horizon, because I am making art piece out of yarn. I have done this before and created a green walrus that I was quite proud of among other things, but I have never shown them as artwork just as crafts and sold them at local craft fairs and farmers markets and such. But now I am actually getting pretty excited about displaying them as art, and having them right next door to some of my paintings.

I think that some of my more recent ones will make a good addition to the upcoming show Cosmic Debris Trifecta. It seems the show is creeping up on me though it is still a good was away. Michael Bricker and Peter Williams are the other two in the trifecta and we’re really planning on having it be something that people won’t soon forget. We’re hoping to have all the piece come together in such a way that it seems almost more of an installation rather than individual pieces, and our theme is quiet wide open with the ideas of space and life and how everything is connected with everything else. So I am hoping that everyone who can will show up, it’ll be at Balanced Practice Yoga Studio, 208-B Lake Street in Sitka Alaska on November 25 & 26th, opening around 5pm.

I do greatly love sculpture and have explored mediums such as ceramics and wire, even polymer clay, but yarn… fiber arts I suppose is what you call it. This is a very new medium for me and as such is very exciting and a little intimidating. I would classify my crochet and knitting skill somewhere in between beginner and intermediate. I still struggle with understanding pattern abbreviations and different techniques, and have quite a lot to learn seeing that I taught myself out of a ‘how to do just about everything’ book all the way back in the beginning of high school. It’s only been recently that I’ve picked these tools up again, I had gone through a brief spell back in school that resulted in a few hats and scarves and a few abandoned projects too, only recently have I been creating much more sculptural pieces as well. But for anyone interested in brushing up their skills or learning something new I have found much help in understanding both knitting and crochet at www.garnstudio.com with their tutorial videos, they also have a large selection of free patterns.

Much of my animals that have come to being out of hook and yarn I have simply created, with no pattern, simply adding stitches where I think they might be necessary and decreasing where I saw fit, and though creating like that is truly invigorating for me, in the end you’ll never be able to quite duplicate that same creature, and who knows maybe that is for the best. But I am considering attempting to write my own patterns in the future. But we’ll see if I ever get there, after all not even I can predict my own future.

♥   Thanks for looking and Happy Halloween!


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