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I composed this collection of my work to reveal to my viewers how I see our world. As you can see around you there are some pieces displaying landscapes while others focus up close on lifeforms, showing both the wide perspective of nature as well as examining others on a much more intimate level. While viewing my work I hope that you are able to reexamine what you see every day. Take a second look at the pigeon flying over head and realize it’s beauty instead of just walking by.

When I walk through our town or into some of the well worn trails through the ancient forest that we are blessed to have so close at hand, I feel surrounded by life and beauty. I can’t help but notice the dew drops from the canopy of trees falling down until it lands on a salmon berry leafing making it dance with joy, or the reflection of birds flying over head in a rain puddle that’s formed along the side walk. It’s these simple moments of beauty that surrounds us which make me appreciate simply being alive. These moments of experiencing beauty and life in the everyday are what compels me to recreate them into the pieces of art surrounding you now. I hope that while viewing my work you are able to take part in my experience and see the beauty that surrounds us all.

This show is currently up at the Back Door Cafe in Sitka Alaska for the whole month of March. If your in town I hope you get the chance to stop by and enjoy the beverages, treats and art.


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