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The Ocean Is My Dance Floor I


I have been exploring with a new style of painting recently where I have been separating color values rather than blending them together. It turns out to make my paintings much more abstract than before, and though I am still continuing my exploration of this new style I do think that I am enjoying the results of it.


The Ocean Is My Dance Floor II


I just completed these four whale paintings a few days ago and am fairly pleased with them. I have plans of doing even more in this style and grouping them in a show that I am planning with two fellow artists this November, and yes I will be blogging more about it soon.


The Ocean Is My Dance Floor III


My idea behind these pieces is to shine some light on characteristics that are shared by both humans and animals. That’s why I have painted these whales dancing through the water. They are very acrobatic animals and although they do have some spectacular performances above the water I believe that many amazing moves are preformed underneath the waves in their true homes. There are many beautiful photos that can be seen in books like Mitsuaki Iwago’s Whales, which is where some of my inspiration for these whales came from. I hope that in the twists and turns that the whales gracefully achieve you may see reflections of human dancers that perform remarkably similar moves on their own dance floors.


The Ocean Is My Dance Floor IV


Within my art work I like to explore relationships and connections that cross species boundaries. Highlighting activities and performances that at first glance people might not realizes any other species participates in. In showing the act of dancing as it relates to whales, birds and even deer, I hope that viewers will find a greater since of connection with our world and our fellow species with which we share it.


The Ocean Is My Dance Floor I, II, III, IV



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