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Time Is Relative

Einstein was certainly correct in his statement, time is relative, need I say more? I find myself reeling with the idea that a year has flown by so quickly, leaving a lot of finished and unfinished projects, but mostly just a dizzying feeling that I am still recovering from.

This past year has been an intense one to say the least, in both my personal life and in my art. I am glad to say that I have accomplished some large tasks that I set in front of me. There is now an Artists Co-Op within my sweet little town of Sitka, and joining forces with more artists we’re able to open our own store front starting tomorrow! The new name will be Baranof Island Artists, kind of rolls off the tongue doesn’t it. I have also moved several times, transitioned from long-term relationship to single and again into new and exciting serious-relationship status. I feel I am due for some well needed down time, but find new deadline creeping up from behind that I simply can’t ignore. I did recently finish one in time though, this image is for the Sitka Local Foods Network to use as a decal on cloth shopping bags that will be for sell at this years farmers markets, which I am really excited for.

Redoubt Rhubarb

Hopefully I won’t be so busy this year that I can’t spare some time to write a little about what’s new in my life and my art though. But that means I need to go and work on the new, so until next time.


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