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ANB Hall 10am to 2pm this Saturday, Sitka Alaska

What, Another Farmers Market already? Yep they tend to come back around and nip you on the butt just to get your attention. Well, I am listening, and yes scrambling to pull everything together. But, don’t anyone worry I’ll be there and more importantly my artwork will be as well!

Hope to your smiling face!


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Beautiful Day

What a day… First off I had a pretty good day at the market, long but good. I sold mostly cards, but also some fun little stuffed animals too.  Paid for the table and then some, so I am very happy, and looking forward to the next one.  I also had a table next to Peter Williams who was selling some of his sea otter fur handicrafts. He had some really luxurious products including a wonderful sea otter blanket that no one could keep their hands off of; I was having a hard time controlling my self as well. You can check out what he has for sell at www.seaotterfur.com I highly recommend it.
After the market Peter and I took advantage of the beautiful weather and headed out on the water. The sun was shinning and there was hardly any wind, it was truly beautiful. We headed out of sealing harbor and cruised through the channel where we spotted a seal with its sleek fur shining in the sun. Then out side of the channel we headed north towards one of my favorite Islands named Neva, I just love its terrain.  There we saw a few sea otters bobbing in the ocean. We then headed to Black Rock and spotted quite a few more otters and lots of seagulls too. We finally headed towards the Apple Islands and got off on a nearby island that doesn’t have a name. Peter had harvested a few otters and proceeded with skinning and cleaning them, he is one of the few people I know who harvests, tans and sews all of his own handicrafts. It’s quite a lot of work, but you can tell that he really enjoys what he does and most of all seems to enjoy the connection that he has with the land. The day came to an end with a beautiful sunset and a nice warm fire.

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I will be selling my art at the Sitka Farmers Market this Saturday August 13th. It will be at the ANB Hall in Sitka, Alaska from 10am to 2pm. I’ll have; paintings, drawings, soft creatures to hug, cards and much, much, more. There will also be lots of good locally grown food too!

Stop on by and check it out!

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